Jyotish Consultancy

  • Advice with remedy to resolve all difficulties at individuals and Corporate level as per Kundali.

Prediction Charges

Particular Charges
Individual 1,100/-
Corporate 2,100/-
Vastu Consultancy


  • Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Temple Vastu Evaluation, Geopathic Stress correction & Remedies, Proper selection of new Vaastu, Planning & designing of Projects.
  • Geopathis Stress Radiation - Geopathic stress does not cause an illness but lowers you immune system so you less chance of fighting any illness symptoms and / or occurrences experienced when sleeping in a Geopathically stressed room.

Vastu Evaluation Charges

Sr. No. Area Residential Corporate
1. 500 sq feet 4,000/- 6,000/-
2. 1000 sq feet 5,000/- 7,500/-
3. 1500 sq feet 7,500/- 11,000/-
4. 2000 sq feet & above 11,000/- 15,000/-
Vastu Consultancy


Human body does not exist isolation but is a part of a larger field of living information that we call earth” Nature is a continuum in which we cannot separate the human body from the cosmic body. In the same way in Astrology a mysterious link between planets and individual is observed to difine human life.

Vaastushastra deals as a bridge between inner spaces of being and outer spaces of natural order. Inner spaces come under the control of constraints of Yogashastra. Outer spaces are covered under astrological knowledge through its media of 27 constellations, 12 sign of zodiac, 9 planets and their correlation.

A miniature reflection of immensity of nature in the inner spaces of human beings through mirror of vaastu, channels the energy streams, vibration, waves, sound and light are the four parameters which defines everything in this word. These four parameters are used in vaastu science to rectify and reinforce the qualities of house and plots.

In vedic astrology a famous chart called Avakahada Chakra gives corelation of colours, metals and plants with the five great elements, planets and directions. Qualities of planets and five great elements related plants and colours could be used to reinforce the vibrations of specific directions. Astrology in a way helps vaastushastra in adding virtues to vaastu through this novel field of remedial measures.

Astrology - Vaastushastra principle

Astrology deals with cosmic link of 9 planets, 12 sign of zodiac, 27 constellations, 10 directions and five great elements with reference to the human beings. The basic chart of the planetary positions of birth time is called a horoscope and the relative positions of planets in space and time continuum decide positivity or negativity in the life of a person. vaastushastra deals with cosmic link of directions, two streams theory, five great elements, sound, light, form, shape, size with reference to the human beings. Dik-Kal connotes a link between Dik ( directions ) & Kaal ( time ) any change in direction changes the kaal and vice versa.