Division of Yashwant Consultany

  • To make people aware about their own strength & weaknesses and help them in identifying their hidden talents so that they can work on their real potential & enjoy working in which ever profession they choose

TYPE Pages Languags For whom Charges
Enterprise 33 Nos. English Children 2,500/-
Premium 56 Nos. Marathi Individual 3,500/-
Premium plus 77 Nos. English Corporate 4,500/-

Dermatoglyphic refers to the branch of science which studies the patterns of skin ( dermal ) ridges present on the fingers, toes and the soles of human. In recent years U.S., Japan and Taiwan have applied Dermatoglyphic to diagnose Down's syndrome, congenital disorders, genetic abnormalities, educational fields, human resources managment, employee recruitment etc. Howard Gardner graduated from Boston School of Medicine in Neurology. He defines intelligence as "an ability to solve problems or fashion products that are valued in one or more cultures" He published a famous book Frames of Mind ''in 1883. His Theory of Multiple Intelligences consists of 8 types of intelligences.

  • Intrapersonal : ability of kouwing own self
  • Interpersonal : ability of knowing other self
  • Logical/ Mathematical : ability to reason and calculate
  • Bodily / Kinesthetic : ability to use all or part of one's body
  • Verbal/ Linguistic : ability to read, write and communicate with words
  • Visual/ Spatial : ability to think in pictures and visualize future results
  • Musical/ Rhythmic : ability to create, communicate, and understand sound
  • Naturalist : ability to discriminate among living things and to see patterns in the natural word


Children- Reduce time, Money, Effort wasted over irrelevant course & classes, Improve the relationship between parents and children, Develop children's confidence, A stress-free childhood for children.

Individuals - Effectively traning new employees in a corporate credit department can be a challange. Many employees are expected to learn material quickly, currently have informal traning and be expected to remember, Rekindle your passion for living and revive dreams from the past. Invest wisely in suitable self-development programmers, Assess your EQ, IQ, AQ, CQ

Corporates - Create an all-star workforce, Reorganize your workforce for better performance, HR traning and development, Evaluate your managers performances and core competencies.


Children - Identify best learning style for him/her, identify his/her inborn talents and weaknesses, Tailor make your child's learning programs

Individuals - Discover your own abilities and choose right career path, identify and develop your core competeneies, Identify the most suitable learning and leadership styles, Improve your relationship with your loved one

Corporates - Find the right person for the right job, Pre-employment screening, Entrust your empolyee who has the most potential, Discover employees potentials, maximizing efficiency and effectiveness


Effectively training new employees in a corporate credit department can be a challenge, Many employees are expected to learn material quickly, currently have informal training and be expected to remember everything they learn on the first try. This training can face this challenge effectively by addressing multiple learning styles. Multiple learning styles will allow the new employer to enhance knowledge retention and stimulate more efficient learning as compared to traditional traning. As a result, the demand from employers can be more easily met and is more feasible for everyone.