YCistic Decore’s :

Division of Yashwant Consultany

YCistic Decore’s is a dedicated department for interior designing projects established especially with a passion to bring life, happiness, joy to the space of your dreams.

We are a team of passionate, energetic, creative inquisitive designers with interests ranging from travel, cooking, reading, dancing, to animals. We are always drawing inspiration from our surrounding by constantly questioning what we see and how it can be applied to world of design. We approach each design project with right amount of excitement and passion, enabling us to effectively and creatively translate client requirements into unique & timeless spatial experiences.

Our main key factor is that we design layouts of your spaces on the basis of vastushastra, which results in not only mesmerized interior space but also creates an auspicious aura in your surroundings.

Vastu Interior is an art of using the right knowledge of directions, five elements, 9 planets, solar and magnetic force and designing layouts, to bring about balance between the individual and surrounded energies through the application of some simple laws of vastushastra.

The energy of your place can be altered which makes the residential or the working place simplifying stress free environment.

We have built our team in such a way that we have the right mix of talent to enhance & support any project. We take the most pride in our ever growing list of happy client.

Vastu Consultancy

Kirti B. Parab ( Interior Designer )

Creative Head & Brand Manager

Vastu Consultancy

Shreyas R. Ugale ( Interior Designer )

Project Head & Planner

Our firm name YCistic Decore’s speaks for itself. YCistic is derived from YC i.e Yashwant Consultancy and combination of three words which are Artistic, Aesthetic & Systematic.

Artistic, Aesthetic & Systematic are our 3 main designing principles on which we work on.

We do not stick to any standard terms rules and regulations which limits ourselves from evolving our creativity & design layouts, In fact we understand the requirements of our client and mold our creativity to create out of the box designs according to vastushastra and Artistically design the dream Spaces for our clients, providing design scheme tailored to meet their needs wheather it’s a simple makeover or a full project management.

Aesthetics is a core design principle that defines designs pleasing qualities. We at YCistic Decores use Aesthetics to complement our design in terms of balance colour, pattern, shapes, scale, visual weight etc and so enhance Functionality in an Interior space with attractive layouts. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand, transform, refurbish, spaces into creative, productive & happy environment to live.

Our small team of dedicated designers can handle every aspect of your Interior design project from initial Conceptualization all the way through build out and placement of furniture.

Depending upon the scale of the project, we work with specialized teams and lead the whole project from design to completion in timely fashion.

There is always more to designing a space than just choosing a right fabric, paint, flooring & furniture..! YCistic Decores prides on our team who knows more than just designing & decorating. We follow a Systematic series of steps that minimizes errors and are guaranteed to leave you impressed & mesmerized.